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Primary Care Management Solutions (PCMS) Ltd is an innovative, proactive consultancy service specialising in management solutions for primary care settings.

PCMS currently work with numerous NHS and Private GP Practices, GP Federations, APMS providers and other bodies undertaking an array of services including consultancy, staffing solutions, commissioner and provider support to CCG’s as well as resilience work, including remedial support, general consultancy, CQC Consultancy, team building, practice and provider care-taking as well as service design and workforce redesign.

Consultancy with a Difference

We pride ourselves on delivering consultancy with a difference, focusing on solutions that are practical to the organisation we are working with. PCMS understands that all organisations are continually challenged by change, this is usually from either micro or macro-environmental factors, affecting all stakeholders.

Selection of Suitable Option

There is a requirement to determine the strategy of the organisation, define a set of objectives and ensure the strategic plan is aligned to the objectives of the practice through corporate analysis and strategic choice, that is evaluating the options and deciding upon the most suitable option before the implementation phase.

Innovative Developments

PCMS provide realignment for practices using an intended change strategy (Mintzberg, 1978), which is a detailed plan for achieving the desired strategic change(s), providing on-going support to help practices overcome resistance to change; which is a significant contributing factor to the failure of any change initiative.

Areas of Work

We are approved associates of the Londonwide Local Medical Committee through their subsidiary - Londonwide Enterprise Limited and are an approved organisation for general practice development work on the (previous) National Clinical Assessment Services Back on Track Directory.

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OurRecent Works

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London gp practice

A consultancy specialist from PCMS assessed a London GP Practice to aid in the improvement of the management and overall functioning of the Surgery. PCMS identified the need for a solid strategic plan for the management team to enable them to confidently lead the practice. Our specialist reported key recommendations for the practice to consider, including a review of the roles and responsibilities of employees. PCMS also aided this practice with their recruitment process to fill key positions.

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Southampton Surgery

A Southampton Surgery requested the support of PCMS to review the surgery. The Practice wanted a clear understanding of what improvements were required for them to increase the productivity of their service as well as the satisfaction of both employees and patients. After reviewing the surgery, PCMS offered solutions which improved the day-to-day management and performance of the practice, improved morale and productivity of employees and increased strategic and business capability.

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Kent Surgery

PCMS reviewed and investigated a Kent Surgery in October 2022 and aided in their decision to recruit new management in order for the practice to succeed. The main issues they needed to address were as follows: workload, management, impending CQC inspection, mixed skillset of employees, on going training of admin and reception staff

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Scunthorpe Surgery

A PCMS consultant went to assess and investigate a Scunthorpe GP Practice as to what improvements could be made to the overall running of the surgery. PCMS identified nine areas as high impact areas of focus and attention: Management (inc processes) Partners / Partnership, Workload, Staff Capability, Triage, Rota, Complaints, Staff Morale and Communication. This invaluable insight of identifying specific areas to improve allowed the practice to make a strategic plan on how to move forward and better the overall running of the Surgery.

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PCMS Ltd are approved suppliers to GP Practices via Practice Index, and providers as part of the NHSE Vulnerable practice support programme and now work with several CCG’s under the NHSE Practice Resilience support programme.

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